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Baylor School Electrical Solutions

Baylor School Campus
Baylor School Campus

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27 years later, Lawson Electric Company is going back to school. In this case, it’s not a matter of receiving instruction, but of giving back, part of an extensive track record of problem solving and service to the community. Lawson has built a longstanding and valued relationship with Baylor School, and that has proved better than any diploma.

Baylor School, which enrolls students in grades 6-12, is an award-winning private prep school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Founded in 1893, the school’s 670-acre campus sits among the trees on the banks of the Tennessee River. Some of the beautiful red brick buildings that dot the campus are as much as a century old.

Any institution with a campus that established is going to have ongoing electrical needs and challenges. Lawson has been just the go-to service provider that Baylor has needed to lean on. Lawson visits regularly to design/build projects, do renovations, and perform general maintenance.

Guerry Hall, the student center and dining facility, was built in 1931. It was recently expanded and modernized by Lawson Electric Company. The renovations done included installing 15 kilovolt power lines and a three-way power switch that operates two 480-volt transformers. Voltage is a measure of the pressure that allows electrons to flow. 1200 amps now flow to the building. Amperage is a measure of the volume of electrons.

The Humanities building was recently updated with state-of-the-art lighting controls. This included daylight-harvesting motion sensors as well as generators to back up all of the emergency lights. LED lighting allows the building to utilize power more efficiently. Rooms can now be rearranged for any classroom project with lighting and multimedia to match the need.

Lawson financed a solar field project for Baylor which feeds power to the school. After ten years, it will be turned over to Baylor! Lawson built and continues to maintain street lighting throughout the campus, including 80-foot light poles on the soccer and football fields.

When Baylor School recently donated land to the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute, Lawson was integrally involved in building what now stands as the Southeast’s only freshwater research center—a 14,000 square foot facility that gives students the opportunity to work with aquatic scientists and dive even deeper into freshwater education.

Baylor School is considered to be an athletic powerhouse, having the best high school sports program in Tennessee. According to Sports Illustrated, it is a top-25 program nationwide. Lawson has been involved at every level of updating and maintaining their athletic facilities. The (indoor swimming center) utilizes indirect lighting to keep light out of swimmers’ eyes, which results in faster swim times. The school’s Strength and Conditioning Center also now boasts “wow-factor” lighting, thanks to Lawson. More athletic projects are yet to come. An outdoor swimming pool just broke ground, and the football press box is being expanded to include restrooms and make it more user-friendly for visiting press.

Lawson Electric Company is proud to have a strong relationship with such an excellent educational institution, and looks forward to continuing to provide support, modernization, and innovation in whatever areas Baylor School should need.

ClientBaylor School
ServicesDesign/Build, Electrical Maintenance
Baylor School Campus
Baylor School Campus
Baylor School Campus
Baylor School Campus