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Sustainable Power & LEED

Your LEED Project Design & Construction Go-to

Turning your buildings into sustainable buildings reduces negative impacts on the environment and saves you money. Lawson Electric is the perfect partner to help you become energy and resource-efficient. We see the benefits every day of the projects we successfully have brought to completion, which include sustainable design, construction, maintenance, and energy performance. 

LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” We can help you understand and adapt to become a leader in your industry. We perform electrical energy analysis, can expertly retrofit your lighting, are deeply experienced in solar and hydropower installations, and in maintaining all aspects of an efficient and future-looking workplace.

Solar Power Installation

We take care of everything. From the evaluation of your facility to planning to panel design to installation, to maintenance, we make solar easy from start to finish. There are many reasons for businesses to consider going solar. Solar reduces electric bills immediately. Solar panel systems operate effectively for over 30 years. Solar positively impacts your brand image and supports the local economy.

When BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee came to Lawson Electric, we installed over 2900 solar panels across five rooftops. BCBST now operates the second largest Gold LEED-certified campus in the U.S. The company now can expect to save many millions of dollars in energy costs and is passing those savings directly to their clients. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Solar Battery Installation

Have solar but need to upgrade? We are here for you. We can add a battery to your solar energy system to maximize savings and increase efficiencies.

If you have a “storage ready” solar system, we can easily integrate a battery into your solar panel system. If your solar panel system was not originally designed with the ability to add storage later, no problem. We will assess whether an AC-coupled solution or an inverter replacement will work best for you.

Electrical Energy Analysis

No matter the size or type of facility, you can always find ways to reduce your energy use and costs. Many owners and operators have little time to understand and process utility costs. We will put the power in your hands by identifying what will have the greatest impact in terms of energy efficiency upgrades for you and your team. We will start by providing a detailed report of your power usage and offer energy solutions that will bring efficiency to everything you do. We can help you identify utility rebates, achieve more LEED points, and bring your facility into the future.

Lighting Retrofit

Lighting technology has come a very long way. We are seeing the retrofits and renovations that we perform lowering energy bills, creating better looking properties, and making for big rebates. We will assess your old lighting fixtures and/or bulbs, suggesting retrofits that improve lighting output, reduce heat emissions, saving you energy and money. We’ve got your professional installation covered. No matter what kind of facility you are operating, retrofits are going to benefit you on day one. Our turnkey solutions include lighting design and photometric analysis, material procurement, and safe, long-lasting installation.

Hydro Power Services

We’re passionate about helping you achieve your hydropower goals — from licensing and compliance to installing, modernizing, and maintaining your existing system. Our engineering and design expertise for powerhouse equipment is unmatched. To your upgrades and new installations, we bring hands-on knowledge.

When it comes to modernizing your hydropower, our skilled professionals will diagnose your facility to address specific project needs in the planning stage. We look at your conventional hydroelectric power and pumped storage assets holistically to safely deliver a project that optimizes your performance on your budget.

Solar Power Utility Coordination

Harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it to electricity is increasingly viable and cost-effective. Utility-scale solar generates reliable, clean electricity with a stable fuel price. Developing utility-scale solar power is among the fastest ways to reduce carbon emissions and put your industry on a path to a clean energy future.

From concept to construction to production, you can rely on Lawson Electric for your utility-scale project. We are eager to talk to you about the possibilities. Lead the way into the future, rather than playing catch-up.

Sustainable is Achievable!

A growing number of organizations are focusing on improving their power systems. The LEED certification process gives common language and set of metrics and standards to achieving sustainability. At Lawson Electric we have established design capabilities to achieve performance-based outcomes in your electricity infrastructure.

Through our strong solar technology expertise and commitment to innovation, we provide our customers with high-value solar solutions. We help commercial and industrial solar customers evaluate the financial benefits of installing solar, including simple payback, return on investment, and more. Give us a call!

Sustainable Systems Service Areas

Chattanooga, TN
Our Chattanooga branch provides electrical contracting services to customers in East Tennessee. Our electricians serve customers in Chattanooga, Collegedale, Ooltewah, Cleveland, and Red Bank.

Manchester, TN
Our Manchester branch provides electrician services to customers in Middle Tennessee and the Cumberland Plateau. Our electricians serve customers in Manchester, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, McMinnville, and Smithville.

Nashville, TN
Our Nashville branch provides electrician services to customers in the metropolitan Nashville and surrounding areas. Our electricians serve customers in Columbia, Lebanon, Clarksville, Dickson, Hendersonville, and Franklin.

Dalton, GA
Our Dalton branch provides electrical contracting services to customers in North Georgia. Our Electricians serve customers in Dalton, Tunnel Hill, Lafayette, Chatsworth, and Calhoun.

Electrician Testimonial

The absolute best! You’re unlikely to find more professional and thoughtful electrical contractors anywhere. After I called them, they had someone drive down immediately to give me a price quote. It was scheduled promptly, and now after a short time, my home is beyond state code – completely rewired from top to bottom complete with new outlets, switches, and fixtures; I’m delighted! The men that were sent were P.J. and Cory. These highly skilled and efficient electricians have increased the safety, good looks, and overall value of my home tremendously. THANK YOU LAWSON ELECTRIC.

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