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Design & Build Services

Save Time and Money with a Smarter Electrical Design Build

With technology and innovation continually evolving, the electrical needs of your team and facilities are always growing and changing. Lawson Electric is eager to leverage our century of experience to ensure that your electrical systems meet the needs of today and anticipates the demands of tomorrow so that your systems serve you well.

We are well-versed in all manner of electrical system installations. We have experience in all settings, including industrial, commercial, medical, retail, high-tech, and telecom. Our engineers will work directly with you to plan for success and provide a cost-effective final product. We can also provide design review services, conduct power system analysis, and oversee complete equipment and system integration.

Early input from expert electrical engineers into the construction process and design can save you time and money.  Whether renovations, new construction, additions, or energy-saving projects, we’ve got you covered.

Turnkey Electrical Installation Design and Contracting Services

You have specialized construction work needs related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Our team works fluidly with equipment vendors, architects, and product manufacturers. We offer centrally coordinated management, including procurement, installation, startup, and integrating systems to implement unique power system solutions. Whether you have one location or multiple sites, Lawson has the expertise to function as your single-source service provider.

Our modernization and turnkey power system services include reconditioning or upgrading equipment and modernizing power systems. We will help you improve the performance, reliability, and efficient operation of your existing electrical distribution system, plus extend the useful life of your equipment by modernizing your electrical infrastructure.

3-D Modeling

We bring the future to your electrical design build with the power of integrated electrical 3-D schematic design data. Three-dimensional modeling allows for more collaboration between electrical and mechanical designers. It also affords you better planning in regards to placement or removal of electrical components.

We routinely remove the guesswork from route path decisions and associated data (such as length of wires, cables, and harnesses within the system). As a result, we avoid discontinuities with regards to the design, manufacturing, and supply chain, saving time and money while maximizing efficiency. The future is here!

Code Analysis & Compliance

Our highest goal is ensuring that your electrical wiring systems are safe for everyone in your facilities and pose no threat to your property and assets.

When wiring and associated devices, not to mention whole electrical systems, are designed, selected, and installed, they are subject to safety codes or regulations. These vary by locality, region, and even country. The last thing you want is to face a civil liability lawsuit for negligently creating a situation that results in loss of life or property. We will help you meet best practices so you can sleep easy at night.

LEED Design

The growing focus on sustainability in workplace settings has led to LEED standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for environmentally-friendly buildings. In order to meet LEED standards, your project will require regulation-compliant electrical work. Electrical components play a crucial role in energy efficiency and pollution reduction. We are here to help you stay on top of it all!


We work closely with planners and mechanical contractors to meet all specifications, then follow that up with electrical work that is consistent with environmental protection goals. From the selection and layout of electrical systems, to lighting and the selection of transformers and motors, we recommend products to help meet your standards, then install them safely to keep you up and running smartly at maximum efficiency.

Photometric Studies

Whether retail, commercial, office, or industrial space, a lot more goes into lighting than just flipping a switch. Photometry, the study of light, has become crucial to making lighting more effective and efficient. Our experts at Lawson Electric look at how your lights are powered, how it projects from the fixtures, and how it affects the surrounding area to determine the best options for total output, brightness, intensity, and evenness.


Let us help you optimize your lighting selections for look, feel, and function. You can also look forward to increased energy efficiency and enhanced customer experience, as well as contributing to security goals by eliminating any dark zones. Photometric studies are where any good full-service commercial lighting solution begins. We look forward to making sure your lighting is both effective and long-lasting from project conception to installation and inspection.

Put Our Electrical Experience To Work For You

Don’t go it alone. Smart planning, design, and installation of your electric systems pays dividends. It keeps your team efficient and motivated and gets you to your goal safely and quickly. Lawson Electric is your go-to electrical engineering answer. When it comes to electrical design builds, we’ve seen it all! We will be with you at all stages of the process. We provide 24-hour emergency electrical service seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our friendly, experienced electricians are always standing by. Call us today!

Electrical Design & Build Service Areas

Chattanooga, TN
Our Chattanooga branch provides electrical contracting services to customers in East Tennessee. Our electricians serve customers in Chattanooga, Collegedale, Ooltewah, Cleveland, and Red Bank.

Manchester, TN
Our Manchester branch provides electrician services to customers in Middle Tennessee and the Cumberland Plateau. Our electricians serve customers in Manchester, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, McMinnville, and Smithville.

Nashville, TN
Our Nashville branch provides electrician services to customers in the metropolitan Nashville and surrounding areas. Our electricians serve customers in Columbia, Lebanon, Clarksville, Dickson, Hendersonville, and Franklin.

Dalton, GA
Our Dalton branch provides electrical contracting services to customers in North Georgia. Our Electricians serve customers in Dalton, Tunnel Hill, Lafayette, Chatsworth, and Calhoun.

Electrician Testimonial

The absolute best! You’re unlikely to find more professional and thoughtful electrical contractors anywhere. After I called them, they had someone drive down immediately to give me a price quote. It was scheduled promptly, and now after a short time, my home is beyond state code – completely rewired from top to bottom complete with new outlets, switches, and fixtures; I’m delighted! The men that were sent were P.J. and Cory. These highly skilled and efficient electricians have increased the safety, good looks, and overall value of my home tremendously. THANK YOU LAWSON ELECTRIC.

Residential Customer

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