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Data & Communications Electrical Services

Your Full-Service Data and Communications Provider

Electrician Services

Effective telecommunications and dependable flows of digital information are crucial to your success. Reconfiguring your offices and facilities to meet the new standards for telecom is a must for maintaining your critical business and service relationships. 

When it comes to state-of-the-art data and communications, your team of experts at Lawson Electric are proven leaders. With 95 years of experience and four locations across Tennessee and Georgia, we are ready to design, install, upgrade and maintain your network for optimal efficiency and reliability. Our skillset is all-inclusive.

Central Office Electrical Installation

Lawson Electric is a leading provider of Central Office (CO) engineering, furnishing, installation, and testing. Every install begins with a complete site survey performed by qualified engineers. We will help you determine which networks suit your building, budget and industry. Our detailed specifications will include material needs, work steps, cable running lists, visuals, any needed database updates, and an installation plan allowing for quick turnaround. We are a one-stop shop.

Data Cabeling

We offer communications and data cabling solutions from the design to the implementation. Proper design and installation means saving space, improving efficiency and lowering costs with reduced risk for breakdowns. Whether coaxial, copper, or fiber optic, we will provide you with an optimal cabling network foundation that supports all your voice and data needs. Cabling will be spliced appropriately, installed and tested to code, taking facility specifications and priorities into account with flexibility for growth and future scalability.

LAN and WAN networks / telecommunication systems / video distribution networks

A local-area network (LAN) spans a room, building or group of buildings. LAN wiring benefits from structured cabling to support high data rates. A wide area network (WAN), is not tied to a single location. WANs can facilitate communication across the globe. As data moves faster, we are here to help alleviate the strain.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

We’ve got all your fiber optic solutions. Let us help you design, equip and choose components. We will determine most efficient cable routing and coordinate with other groups is in place. LANs are one of the most common premises applications for fiber. Speeds have increased from millions to billions of bits per second. Most security systems offer fiber options. Fiber has become so popular for premises applications it has become the industry standard office backbone for data and communications.

Data & Communications Electrician Service Areas

Chattanooga, TN
Our Chattanooga branch provides commercial electrical contracting services to customers in East Tennessee. Our electricians serve customers in Chattanooga, Collegedale, Ooltewah, Cleveland, and Red Bank.

Manchester, TN
Our Manchester branch provides commercial commercial electrician services to customers in Middle Tennessee and the Cumberland Plateau. Our electricians serve customers in Manchester, Murfreesboro, Tullahoma, McMinnville, and Smithville.

Nashville, TN
Our Nashville branch provides commercial electrician services to customers in the metropolitan Nashville and surrounding areas. Our electricians serve customers in Columbia, Lebanon, Clarksville, Dickson, Hendersonville, and Franklin.

Dalton, GA
Our Dalton branch provides commercial electrical contracting services to customers in North Georgia. Our Electricians serve customers in Dalton, Tunnel Hill, Lafayette, Chatsworth, and Calhoun.

Commercial Electrician Testimonial

I want to thank you for a superlative effort and for a super job in the electrical installation work for our proprietary sport cap closure. Not many contractors can accomplish 4 days of work in 2, especially with the accuracy you achieved (the start-up of the equipment went flawlessly with respect to electrical aspects). The success of the electrical installation that you were able to manage under difficult conditions went far to help us achieve the progress milestone that is vital in meeting the intensive project timing. Well done and THANKS!

Jon K. Plotkin
Principal Engineer – Coca-Cola USA NCB Packaging Commercialization

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Additional Data & Communications Services

Underground and Aerial Cabling Systems

Aerial cabling can be cost-effective, but comes with exposure to the elements. Local authorities and customers generally prefer fiber cables to be installed underground. Buried fiber deployments are immune to the elements but often require digging up roads. We will help determine what best will meet your needs.

Main distribution frames (MDFs) installation

Your Main Distribution Frame (MDF) is the signal distribution frame or cable rack used to connect and manage telecommunication wiring between itself and any number of intermediate distribution frames and cabling from the network it supports. Our installation always takes the big picture into account so that you can work economically and efficiently.

Data Cable Termination Racks

Poor rack cable management can be a source of downtime and frustration as your data center operation grows and changes. It can lead to critical data transmission errors, safety hazards, poor cooling efficiency, and a poor overall look and feel to your data center. Let us show you how advancements in IT rack designs have improved power and data cable management.

OTDR Troubleshooting

Your optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) injects a series of light pulses into optical fiber. Reliability is crucial and depends on accuracy, measurement range, ability to resolve and measure closely spaced events, measurement speed, and ability to perform satisfactorily under various environmental extremes. We will get your company up and running and keep you there.

Voice and Data Patch Panels

Patch panels provide connection points, allowing voice and/or data service to be routed virtually anywhere in your network. We will configure and install for maximum efficiency. 

Fire Alarm Systems Construction

Modern fire alarm systems contain microprocessor-controlled electronics that contain primary and secondary power sources. They monitor your power and circuits, receive and process signals, activate alarms and perform critical controls and communication activities. Keeping this sensitive equipment operational is our bread and butter.

Workstation installation

The most critical component to a fully functional data and communications system is the people who use it every day. We will help you design, locate, build and install workstations that optimize the pathways of information and make people feel they are supported and in control of their working environments.

AutoCAD / Visio Documentation

Your AutoCAD (commercial computer-aided design and drafting) and Microsoft Visio diagramming graphics applications needs to function seamlessly. Let us help you plan, wire, and install for success.

CAD services (in-house)

CAD services are any activity that support computer-aided design. No doubt you run a one-of-a-kind operation with critical infrastructure and workflows. Let us help you determine how to serve your customers and clients best.

Wireless System Installation

Today’s advanced technologies demand that your data and communications partner understand the intricacies of each component. We professionally install even the most complex equipment quickly and efficiently. As part of our installation we integrate components, fully test installed solutions, and implement your new system for all end-users.

Audio / Visual Systems Installation

When was the last time you updated your Audio / Visual systems? Systems are constantly changing to meet the demands of global clients and more cost-effective solutions are available than ever. Let us help you plan for success and install for efficiency.

Security Cameras and Systems

Our installers assess your unique business needs and security vulnerabilities to determine optimal design for your security camera system. Once installed, our professionals keep working for you, ensuring your surveillance system always functions properly to deliver maximum benefits.  

Computer Engineering and Documentation

Are your systems and workstations running at maximum efficiency? Let us help you find out, especially as you adapt to improve communication between engineering and documentation components and workgroups in your facility.

Equipment Rigging and Setting

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Between the design stage and final we will rig and place (and/or relocate) the sensitive pieces of heavy equipment. All phases of material handling will be covered, even in challenging or confined spaces.

Commercial Maintenance

Keeping a building’s systems and equipment functional and up to date is essential to sustaining output and value. We will inspect your facilities and systems, making repairs as necessary, and also taking preventive action to decrease the likelihood of unplanned equipment failures. Without regular maintenance, a facility will quickly lose peak efficiency.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best insurance policy in keeping equipment up and running, avoiding any unplanned downtime and expensive costs from system failures. Lawson will keep you ahead of the curve.

Comprehensive Cabling Systems Testing (coaxial/copper/fiber optic)

Ever-increasing flows of information and data are only possible because of miles and miles of cable. We will test to make sure every square foot is working for you and not against you. We mitigate for stresses, degradation, and placement, identifying and eliminating potential troublespots, allowing you to operate smoothly. Once your system is installed and cable is laid we will maintain each and every component. 

24-Hour Emergency Service

You can rest assured that Lawson Electric will be standing by to provide personalized emergency electrical service 24hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Our team of friendly, experienced electricians are trained troubleshooters, capable of solving your emergency data and communications service needs on site and get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Give Us a Call and Let’s Get to Work

You want to be on the cutting edge of the latest industry and tech trends because you care about your customers, clients and partners. State-of-the-art systems and components speak for themselves, but professional design, installation, and testing by your team of engineers at Lawson Electric ensures streamlining and functionality.

We have competitive rates, flexible schedules, and will work within your budget. Communication and data technologies are constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up That’s where we come in. Let us exceed your expectations!